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      Phoenix Trademark Attorneys & Lawyers

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      Liz O.

      Liz Oliner

      1043 reviews
      If you want someone who has gone through the trademark process over and over again, look no further than Liz Oliner. She has filed over 300 trademarks in the last year alone and has practically got the process down to a science. Small businesses and entrepreneurs frequently come to Ms. Oliner for their trademark and brand protection needs.
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      Seth W.

      Seth Wiener

      978 reviews
      As an experienced trial lawyer and litigator, Seth Wiener has resolved numerous federal and state litigations. His cases have included everything from family law to bankruptcy to fraud and more. Before Seth formed his own firm, the Law Office of Seth W. Wiener, he worked for several prominent law offices where he gained a great deal of experience.
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      Isabel G.

      Isabel Gram, Jd

      2 reviews
      Business & Franchise Specialist. Isabel is an experienced General Counsel and executive who has 14 years as a practicing attorney and has spent the last 5 years in seni... read more
      Paul T.

      Paul Ticen

      2 reviews
      A business and intellectual property attorney, Paul Ticen manages his firm’s IP, Internet disputes, and business practice. He handles both litigation and transactional matters. As a former insurance adjuster and insurance defense attorney, Paul also assists with personal injury and wrongful death practice. Paul is also general counsel to the Scottsdale based fitness brand SICFIT.
      Ronald T.

      Ronald Tocchini

      2 reviews
      RONALD TOCCHINI has served as a strategic advisor and advocate for several Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of emerging-growth ventures. His law practice includes interna... read more
      Leslie H.

      Leslie Harrach

      2 reviews
      Leslie Harrach of Harrach Law is an attorney with more than 15 years of experience emphasizing civil and commercial litigation. Her practice is focused on complex litigatio... read more
      Chandler H.

      Chandler Holsapple

      2 reviews
      I’m your law guru, business builder, and ultimate hype woman. I’m passionate about lots of things, but helping people build a life that brings them joy and elevates their... read more
      Justin C.

      Justin Clark

      1 review
      Justin Clark is a business attorney with experience in a wide variety of corporate legal practice areas. He is licensed to practice law in Arizona and received his degree in law after he graduated from the Arizona State University – Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Justin is skilled in dealing with commercial contracts, as well as legal cases that involve labor and employment law. He has been the managing attorney of the J. Clark Law Firm since December 2013.
      Burt S.

      Burt Skiba

      Burt Skiba is an intellectual property attorney that recently obtained his Juris Doctor degree after he graduated from the Michigan State University College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Arizona. Burt often provides legal assistance to startup companies and specializes in trademark and copyright law. He was recently appointed a position as an intellectual property attorney at Accelerate IP LLC.
      Jenifer P.

      Jenifer Phelps

      Jennifer Phelps is a corporate attorney with eight years of experience. She is licensed to practice law in Arizona and received her degree in law from the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law. Jennifer primarily specializes in legal matters that involve commercial contracts. She is also experienced in providing legal assistance to start-up companies. Jenifer has been serving as a managing partner at The Storey Lawyers PLC since October 2016.

      Why Hire a Trademark Lawyer?

      When it comes to trademark and intellectual property issues, hiring an attorney is always a smart choice. When you hire a lawyer, your trademark registration has a 50 percent greater chance of approval. An experienced lawyer can mean the difference between protecting your intellectual property and losing your rights.

      In Phoenix, some trademark lawyers do transactional work, and others handle litigation. Find an attorney with the right focus:

      • Transactional: These attorneys can offer assistance with applying for and registering a trademark. Transactional attorneys can explain the application process, advise you about the strength of your trademark, and counsel you on any issues during the application process. They can also appeal your case if the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) denies your application.
      • Litigation: These lawyers provide help with defending existing trademarks. Litigation attorneys can research and address problems with other businesses using your trademark. They can also take your trademark case to court if necessary.

      Phoenix trademark attorneys can help with a variety of intellectual property issues. Common trademark concerns include:

      • Developing a Strong Trademark: Knowledgeable Phoenix trademark attorneys know what types of phrases, names, and graphics you can trademark. They also understand how to create a unique trademark that the USPTO will accept.
      • Applying for a Trademark: When you register a trademark, you must describe your case with specific language and provide clear examples of how you plan to use your mark. Experienced trademark attorneys in Phoenix know how to craft a successful trademark application and help you build a strong case.
      • Maintaining a Trademark: Trademark attorneys with years of experience understand that trademarks need maintenance every few years. The best lawyers will walk you through the necessary maintenance so you don't lose the rights to your trademark.
      • Protecting a Trademark: As a trademark holder, you have to defend your mark. That includes actively looking for improper uses and stopping infringers in a timely manner. A top Phoenix trademark lawyer can help you find and stop infringers with cease and desist letters. Attorneys can also pursue legal action for you to defend your rightful trademark.

      How to Find the Best Trademark Lawyer in Phoenix

      Start your Phoenix trademark lawyer search by looking for an attorney who is a member of the State Bar of Arizona. Lawyers who offer legal assistance and provide legal services in Arizona must have a license to practice in the state.

      The majority of Arizona lawyers become members of the State Bar of Arizona by getting a law degree from an accredited school and passing the Arizona Bar Exam. Before practicing, applicants also have to undergo a physical fitness and mental and emotional health assessment from the Arizona Board of Law Examiners.

      Arizona lawyers who don't take the state's bar exam can transfer their admission from other states. However, they must also complete a thorough background investigation. This ensures that they are mentally, emotionally, and physically fit for the job.

      Before deciding to work with any Phoenix trademark lawyers, research their background:

      • Find out if attorneys are in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona by requesting their disciplinary history. This is important because some jurisdictions in the state require lawyers to have a certificate of good standing.
      • Read their biographies carefully and learn more about their specialties. Confirm that they specialize in trademark law and that they have enough experience to take your case successfully.

      Whether you need help with trademark registration or protection, you need a lawyer who understands the details of intellectual property law. Confirm the following before hiring a trademark lawyer in Phoenix:

      • Your lawyer's schedule and how long the process will take.
      • Your attorney will update you by email or phone regularly so you know how your trademark case is progressing.
      • Your lawyer will supervise any paralegals or legal assistants closely and will oversee your case personally.

      Questions for a Trademark Lawyer

      Whether you want to register a trademark or you need help protecting one you already own, a Phoenix trademark lawyer can help. Find a top trademark attorney in Phoenix and get the legal advice you need today.

      • How long have you worked in trademark law, and how much of your current work involves trademarks?
      • How many trademarks has your firm registered?
      • What are your fees for trademark registration?
      • How do you track filing, appeal, and maintenance deadlines with the USPTO?
      • Can you explain your trademark search process?
      • Do you handle all of the work for your clients, or do you have assistants to help with research?
      • Do you have any tips for making a trademark as strong as possible?
      • Are there any reasons I shouldn't register a trademark?
      • Can you help me protect my trademark after it's registered?
      • How do I maintain my trademark, and how much does it cost?

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      Legal Services Offered by Our On-Demand Phoenix Trademark Attorneys

      Our experienced Phoenix trademark attorneys & lawyers represent individuals and businesses with everything they need to secure and protect their trademarks. Our attorneys can help individuals with everything from trademark clearance searches to determine whether the desired mark is available for adoption, use, and registration. By reviewing the search reports thoroughly, they can conclusively determine the extent to which a mark is already being used and the potential success of filing a trademark.

      Trademark licensing can be complex, but our trademark attorneys have experience drafting agreements on behalf of both licensees and trademark owners - thus allowing you to capitalize on your valuable intellectual property. Our Phoenix trademark attorneys can also draft and file your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including Intent to Use and Use in Commerce applications.

      Our attorneys can also help protect your trademark around the globe by assisting clients with filing trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol, which allows trademark holders to obtain protection in multiple countries by filing a single application.

      If You Need Ongoing Legal Counsel or Ad-hoc Legal Work - We Can Help!

      Improve Your Legal ROI with Affordable Trademark Attorneys that service Phoenix, AZ.

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      Scott Woods
      SVP & General Counsel

      "Every startup needs to know about UpCounsel. We found great attorneys at great prices and were able to focus our resources on improving our business instead of paying legal bills."

      Sean Conway
      Co-founder & CEO

      "Before UpCounsel it was hard for us to find the right lawyer with the right expertise for our business. UpCounsel solves those problems by being more affordable and helping us find the right lawyer in no time."

      Tristan Pollock
      Co-founder & COO

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