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      An H-1B Visa (or H-1B transfer) will cost you around $5000 (including government fees). Immigration lawyer fees should costs $2000 to $3000, while filing fees are around $3000. An employer must have enough money in the bank necessary to pay the H1B employee’s salary for a reasonable period of time. The analysis is on a case by case basis.

      So, if you have enough money in the bank to support the employees salary AND support the business (i.e. you won’t go bust next month) then these are typically sufficient, but there will be a number of items you need to assemble to show the viability of your business. If you need help with H1B visas (or other types of visas) you should come check us out at?UpCounsel.

      See the full post on the costs and process of H1B Visas.

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